Sketchy Games was set up in 2015 by Jason Hibbert, a Web Designer from Nottingham UK. Boardgame development is our passion and it’s with our combined experience in graphics, web and video that help craft high quality boardgames that we hope you will love.


From idea generation, designing, prototyping, playtesting to the finished game. We cover every little aspect of the creative process ensuring we’re meeting the quality and expectations of our gaming audience.


We’re a self-publisher which gives us the power and freedom to create what we want, how we want. We’ve established strong relationships with manufactures, fulfilment companies and distributors who help bring our games to your shelf.


Utilising marketing tools such as social media, forums and the power of crowdfunding platforms, we aim to connect and involve ourselves in the gaming community while building awareness for our latest projects.

If you are interested in working with us or just fancy throwing a “hello” our way, get in touch!