Death Wish has successfully funded on Kickstarter!

Fantastic news, our first game project: Death Wish, has now been fully funded on Kickstarter! The game reached over 210% funding with a total of £21,248 and 654 backers. This is a very exciting step for Sketchy games and dawns the start of a publishing career. We’re very excited to fulfil this game to our backers and also bring this to gaming market for the public.

Read the latest article about our campaign success on the official Death Wish.

Death Wish is coming to Kickstarter

Death Wish is our first project and we’re excited for it’s upcoming launch on Kickstarter. We started the project back in February 2015 and it’s been a fun and equally challenging process ever since. We’re now at a mature stage where we’re currently sending out free prototypes to to game reviewers in an effort to build trust and get our game out there.

If you’re interested to learn more about the game project, visit the official game website:

We will keep you up on the impending launch of the game on Kickstarter, coming (we hope) in April 2016.

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